Hex Mahjong is the new generation of Mahjong games.  It combines a wide set of cool and handy features with an astonishing 3D graphics and relaxing music, allowing to achieve a Zen-like state while playing.

Feature Overview

  • iCloud support! All your progress is sync'ed between all your devices!
  • 120 unique boards
  • Classic and two types of hexagonal tiles
  • 3 unique tile sets
  • 11 realistic tile materials
  • 36 delighting themes
  • Complete retina display support
  • Secret boards to be unlocked in Campaign Mode
  • 10.000 different layouts for each board in Custom Mode
  • Bonus system
  • Time independency
  • Auto-hint and Undo functions
  • Unique game play help features
  • G-sensor rotation
  • Auto-zoom
  • Easy-to-use gestures
  • Full screen mode
  • All-round stats tracking
  • Challenging Game Center achievements

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Is it available for Android?

Hex Mahjong 3D is not available for Android yet.

2. Is it available for iPhone?

3. How does the Helper System work?

Solving a considerable sized Mahjong board is usually not an easy task and takes time to figure out which tiles to remove in what order. Since Mahjong is not a 'complete information' game, you can't even be sure that you are always on the right track. There are rules of course that, if followed, keep you at least close to the right track. Moreover, you don't always notice immediately what moves you are even allowed to do if there are many tiles on the board. So solving certain layouts may require quite some time. We think challenging and dynamic game play are equally important, thus, we introduced the Helper System to relieve most of the burden of finding matching pairs, etc.

There are three different helper features in Hex Mahjong. Each of them provides different kinds of hints that makes the game play faster and more enjoyable by giving hint to guide you closer to the right track. Each helper costs mana points to activate and will last for a given duration of time, or even last for unlimited time if you have enough mana. The remaining duration is consumed only while solving a layout and each helper can be switched on and off any time. To access the helpers, click the Mana button on the in-game panel or while in the menu.


The Highlight helper displays all tiles brighter that can be removed at the moment. It makes finding available pairs a lot easier.

Selection Hint

The Selection Hint works when you select a tile and it glows in yellow. When activated, this helper will show all other tiles of the same kind that may form a pair with the selected one. These same kind of tiles are marked as yellow if they can be removed, and red, if they are blocked by other tiles. Note, that if a tile's face is completely covered by other tiles, it is not marked as red (even if you would see it from the side) as that would compromise the game's challenge.

Free Tiles Hint

While the other two hints make the game play faster by easing the pair finding, the Free Tiles Hint guides you to remain close to the several times mentioned 'right track'. When all tiles of the same kind are free to remove pair after pair, removing them will never cause a dead lock* later (and the score multiplier is also increased when doing so). By activating the Free Tiles Hint, all such free tiles will be highlighted in green.
* A state is considered a dead lock when there are no more available pairs to remove.

4. How does the Helper System work?

As mentioned in the previous section, there are rules that help staying close to the right track, meaning that the current state of the layout is still solvable. The most obvious and straight-forward rule is that you can always remove a group of tiles if all of their kind are free to remove one pair after another. This is what the Free Tiles Hint helps you with as well. Since this rule is also the most important, following it is also rewarded with bonus score multipliers. The score multiplier is 1 initially and is increased when a complete group of the same kind of tiles are removed at once (pair after pair). When the multiplier is more than 1 but the last kind of removed tiles are still the same, it is kept as is. If a different kind of tile is removed after an incompletely removed group of same kind tiles, the multiplier is decreased. Thus, removing full tile groups in batches increases the score multiplier the most.


  • All #1 bamboos are removed after each other and the multiplier is now increased to 2.
  • All #2 bamboos are also removed after each other and the multiplier is increased to 3.
  • One #3 bamboo pair is removed, and the multiplier is still 3 as you may still remove the rest of the #3 bamboo tiles.
  • One #4 bamboo pair is removed, and since the last group (bamboo #3) was not removed completely, the multiplier is decreased to 2.
  • The other #4 bamboo pair is removed, making a complete group, thus the multiplier is increased to 3 again.
  • One #5 bamboo pair is removed, the multiplier stays 3.
  • The second #3 bamboo pair is removed, and though the bamboo #3 group is now fully removed, they were not removed together and the last group was not complete either, the multiplier is decreased back to 2.
  • The other #5 bamboo pair is removed, and the multiplier is decremented to 1.

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